A big thank you to all those who supported the Dys- crowdfunding!

Therese Godfree, Syl Disjonk, Yael Perez, Andrea Butler, Annie Boivin, Olga Ganova, Chris Hallock, Simon Nisbet, Marie-Pierre Poulin, Sébastien Babeux, Martin Leblanc, Maxime Boileau, Matthew Levin, Lori Bowen, Trong Nguyen, Marianne Phenix, Farshid Etemad, Theron Neel, Simon Dupéré, Raymond McDermott, Dara Jade Moats, Jen Staggs, Michael Alozie, Anne-Marie Beaulne, Jeffrey Davis, Michele Galgana, Deirdre Crimmins, Mitch Davis, Emilie Zakaïb-Denis, Katsitsanoron McGregor

Dys- is currently in post-production!

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