Help fund Dys-!

Dys- (working title) is Maude Michaud's first feature length film. Over the last ten years, she has written and directed over a dozen short films which have toured the festival circuit. In the same vein as her shorts, Dys- promises to be a unique blend of horror, psychological terror and drama. You can read the synopsis HERE

What do we need?
The ideal funding goal (that is, what we’d really, really, REALLY like to get) is $10,000 as this is what is still missing (the rest of the budget has already been raised), but let's start with a more realistic goal of $5 000. The money raised will go directly toward paying a per diem to the actors and crew members, special f/x costs and post-production/sound mix. Any donation helps!  

Who are we?
Quirk Films is Maude Michaud’s production company under which she has independently produced over a dozen short films and one multi-episodes web-series during the past ten years. Her shorts have toured the festival circuit and have gathered critical acclaim. She is also a strong advocate and frequent contributor to the women in horror movement. Dys- will be the first feature length project for Quirk Films and a lot of her usual collaborators are already on board for the upcoming shoot! For more info about Maude Michaud, check out the ‘meet the filmmaker’ section.

Why not use Indie Go-Go or Kickstarter?
The initial plan was to go with either of those sites, however after many discussions with other filmmakers who have used these services, two things became obvious. First, the time limit is somewhat prohibitive, thus making it harder to reach our desired goal. Second, both services take a percentage fee (anywhere from 3% to 10%) in addition to the Paypal fee on each transaction. Why not cut one of the intermediaries to make sure every penny counts?
Thus, we can assure you that every cent you give (minus the Paypal fee) will go directly to the production budget and that the filmmaker will be in direct contact with you to send you your perks. No intermediaries. 

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Get cool perks: 

Contribute to DYS-

Level 1 - $15

A big ‘Thank you, you rock!’ on Twitter, Facebook, the Quirk blog and the film’s website + access to the VIP section of the website which includes the production blog, first look at trailer, promo material, etc.

Level 2 - $30

All of the above plus a DVD copy of the  film.

Level 3 - $60

All of the above plus a copy of the advance poster (11x17) autographed by the cast and filmmaker.

Level 4 - $100

All of the above plus a ‘thank you’ mention during the end credits.

Level 5 - $150

All of the above plus an exclusive t-shirt. 

Level 6 - $250

All of the perks from levels 1 to 5 plus we name a minor character after you! (limited to 3)

Level 7 - $500

All of the perks from levels 1 to 5 plus you get a (gruesome) key prop from the film! (limited to 1)

Level 8 - $1000+

All of the perks from levels 1 to 5 plus you get an associate producer credit on the film. (please contact us for this perk)

We're also open to product placement opportunities. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.